How To Style The Short Pixie Cut Bob Wigs

2020-August-21-Fri 12:00:00:AM  AUTHOR:supernova store

To wear a pixie cut bob wig will make your feel light and have a natural-looking. Pixie styles are a bold and confident look for women of all ages. The pixie cut bob wig is a really short hair style lace front wig. So basically what I’m gonna show you guys in this article is how to style the pixie lace wig.

The pixie lace front wig has two combs on the side and one at the back. It also has an adjustable strap so that it becomes tighter in the wig and you can fit nicely on your head.

Step One 
Take a plain hair brush and some gel or any kind of edge control you have to lay down your edges. Then, put on the pixie wig. You can see the middle of the pixie lace front wig is very realistic without even doing anything. This is the biggest reason for those people who like choosing lace front wigs.

Step Two
Cut off the excess lace at the back because the wig is so short at back. Use some clips to hold the hair on your head and take some bobby pins to secure the sides of the hair. 

Remove the wig a little back and come to put it on the edges of your forehead. You need to put some gel on the perimeter of your forehead so that it can be blended tighter.

short pixie cut bob wig

Step Three
Next, please take the hair dryer to make the gel get dry. As the jellies get some dry, begin to pull the lace front wig and bring it forward back to your hairline so that it can stay tight. 
What’more, if you want to wear the pixie wig for three days, please remember this method. As the gel gets dry, pull the lace front wig out on the top and use your fingers to press it out.

Step Four
When the hair become all dry, take out the clips and the bobby pins. Then you can begin to style your hair. Use the rat tail comb and make a deep side part on the side of your hair. 

Take some mousse spry and just apply this all over your hair. For pixie hairstyle. Mousse spry is really a good friend.

Comb the hair in one direction with your fingers. Then Take the rat tail comb and hair straightener to straighten the side of the hair and try to make a bump. And straighten the other side of the hair backward.

You can also make some little curls on the longer part of the pixie wig so that it will be more styled. Then take the comb to comb the end and up the curls.

Step Five
You can make some baby hair in the front of the lace wig by tweezing the hair. Fix them up so that it doesn’t look too exaggerated and look really natural and light. 

Step Six
Use the curling iron just to press the hair surface so it’s kind of almost blended into your skin. If you want it looks as realistic as possible and has kind of like that soft baby doll type of effect. No bleaching knots, only powder.

In this way, you have finished styling a short pixie cut bob wig

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