The Making Process Of Human Hair Machine Made Wigs

2020-July-30-Thu 12:00:00:AM  AUTHOR:supernova store

With the effect of idols, wearing human hair high quality wigs has gradually become a fashion. The reason why many women like wigs are very simple because it can make your hair long or short, straight and curly, and let you have your own imagination space and freely sprinkle the art of color. 

The Making Process Of Human Hair Machine Made Wigs

Even if this kind of fake art is not real, its simulation technology and effect are so lifelike that we have to praise it. Fake beauty can not only change people's external image, but also bring extraordinary freshness and stimulation.

Do you want to know the process of making a human hair high quality wig? Today's article will introduce the making process of machine made wigs.

1. Cutting Hair
Long human hair can not be directly used to make human hair wigs. It needs to be cut to the required length. This process is called cutting. 

The cut standard varies in length and can be made long and short, respectively. If the color of the finished wig is a mixed color, the real hair must be matched according to the drawing requirements. For example, 1B / 613 color is a combination of color 1 and color 613. Two colors must be down when cutting.

2. Finishing Hair
The newly cut hair is messy and needs to be combed. At the same time, some mixed color wigs need to be evenly divided through this process. The tool for finishing is a large steel comb.

3. Pound Hair
Each machine made wig has a specified weight. The workman needs to weigh according to the requirements of the drawing, and the weight directly affects the following process, so this process is very important.

4. Arrange Hair
The front is some necessary preparatory work, from this process to really contact the secret of making human hair wig.

Arrange hair is to make the real hair in a line. The hair that is just pounded in the hands of workman is connected by three hair arranging machines. The level of this technology directly affects the quality of hair arrangement, such as whether the wig is easy to fall off, this process plays a crucial role. 

5. Hair Cutting
The hair after hair arrangement is very long. The whole hair must be evenly divided into the required length, that is, cutting hair, and the length of each hair can not exceed the length of the drying rod. This process is relatively simple.

6. Washing Hair
Cut down hair needs to be washed to absorb nutrients.

7. Inserting Hair And Pressing Three Pits
After drying, the hair section should go through inserting hair and pressing three pits to make the most original shape. 

Inserting Hair: The main function is to increase the fluffy degree of human hair, which is generally concentrated in the bangs and the top of the head.

Pressing Three Pits: Its main function is not close to the human scalp, generally do in the back part of the head. 

High-quality cheap machine made wigs are full on the top of their heads. They are very stylized, rather than pointed and stick to the scalp. This is the credit of the two processes of inserting hair and pressing three pits. Generally, low-cost wig factories will omit these two processes to save production costs.

8. Curl Hair
According to the curvature of the human hair wig design, different sizes of tubes are used for curling.

9. Drying Hair
According to the requirements of the drawing, place a drying rod with appropriate curvature and put it into the oven, set it at a constant temperature of 88℃, and take it out after baking for 2 hours, and then unseal it. In this way, the hair is not easy to deform

After the curing process is finished, some of the raw materials are sent to the high lathe process, and the other part is put into the scalp making process.

Note: different materials, different seasons and weather will affect the temperature of the oven. Accurate temperature determination is difficult technical.

10. High Lathe 
Sew the dried wig piece on the wig cover. For high-quality machine made wigs, this process is more complex, and the requirements for technicians are quite high. A skilled workman can only make 30 to 40 wigs a day. The same workman can produce more than 100 wigs a day if they need low quality wigs. There is a significant difference in labor costs.

11. Scalp Making
The trigger holds the real hair and sews it on the scalp one by one through the scalp machine, and this process can be completed only by shaving, perming, dipping and cutting.
Scalp making is still complex, some factories in order to save costs, these small processes are not. The finished scalp is sewn on the wig cover, which is very realistic.

12. Hairnet Cap Making
Hairnet cap, good elasticity, more firm, more comfortable to wear

13. Bagging Wigs 
Pack and bag the completed machine made wigs.

Every machine made wig needs these steps to make. All machine made wigs of Supernova Hair are completed in strict accordance with these steps, and the quality is guaranteed. You can make the purchase at ease.