Tips on How to Buy a Natural Wave Hair for Beginners

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Natural wave is also named water wave, as the shape of the water wave is just like its name, the wave is like the water ripples. Why women love natural wave hair? To see the reason, please kindly read on.

1. The Advantages Of Natural Wave Hair

1)  All the natural wave hair in our store are made by 100% human hair, which are soft, smooth, no shedding and tangling. The natural wave curls in SuperNova Wig are without any chemical processing, to make hair wigs easier to blend with your own real hair. You dont even have to do anything and it just looks like its coming out of your scalp.

2) The curls of natural wave are not as tight and small as curly and look like fuller and thicker, it can fit many face shapes better to provide you a new feeling of fashion and charming.

3) The natural wave hair wigs are adaptable, you can do so much different hairstyles with it. It can be dyed, you can have other colors, not just the original natural black. It also can be curled or straighten, if you are tired of the original hair texture. There are a lot of possibilities to make it to be more beautiful. On the other hand, after doing the above hairstyles, you also need to handle how to care for the hair wigs in a proper way to protect it like your own hair.

4) Wearing natural wave wigs can help increase your self-confident, make you look more unique and attractive.

2. The Type List Of Natural Wave Human Hair Wigs

According to the below picture, you can kindly see that the main types of natural wave wigs are including lace front wigs, lace closure wigs, bob short wigs, and pure&ombre lace wigs. Then we will take time for a brief introduction of each of them at the following content.

1) Lace front wigs are made by lace front which lace part is from ear to ear. The wide lace part will help you to have a more natural hairline and get a more real hair looking after installing the hair wigs. More lace area of the lace front means the whole hair wig can be lighter than others, and you will also feel more comfortable while wearing it.

2) Lace closure wigs, just like its name, lace area of the lace closure is less than lace front, which means it has a more affordable price for most customers. About the installation, it also will be easier and simple. Really a good present for a wig beginner.

3) Not always long natural wave hair wigs are in trend, fashion is changing every day. Its time to provide yourself a new look, like natural wave bob wigs. The capable short hair can make you look more confident and younger.

4) If someday you are tired of the original natural black hair color and want to try another one. Please dont be hesitated to contact us, we offer customize colors service, not just pure color but also ombre and highlight. A wide range of options for choosing colored wigs.


SuerNova Wig: U Part Wig Will Help You To Be A Head-turner

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Are you still bothered by the complicated steps of installing the lace front wigs? The U part wigs can be your first choice when you’re looking for some wigs that are easy to install. SuperNova Wig has many kinds of u part wigs that are waiting for you to choose.

If you’re looking for some gorgeous U part wigs, SuperNova Wig can meet all your needs.

What Is The U Part Wig?
How To Wear U Part Wig?

Advantages Of U Part Wig
4. Available To Many Kinds Of Hairstyles

Where To Buy U Part Wig?

Just as its name implies, the top of the wig is just like U shape. According to its U-shaped design, the wig is open at the top to allow your own hair to be left out and blended with the wig for a convenient and time-saving piece.

You can actually put on a u part wig in three minutes.

1. Cut the band firstly

2. Take part of your hair as u-shape

3. Clip the hair accordingly

4. Wear the wig and blend it to your own hair

1. Time-saver&Money-saver

Getting up too late and almost late for the date or for class but still want to be look gorgeous, u part wig is the best choice for you. 3 minutes are all you need to install it, and then you will have a stunning hairstyle. Besides the pros of saving time, this u part wig is also super affordable, boasting good quality of human hairs while with a lower price.


2. Durable and Stable

Compared to the lace wig, the u part wig can last longer time because it doesn’t exist the problem of broken lace if you don’t take care of your lace wig well. With 5 combs at front and back, it can secure the wig on your head.


3. Natural And Beautiful Look

After blending your own hairs with the u part wig, no one can see that you’re wearing a wig unless you tell them. The wigs on SuperNova Wig are all 100% virgin human hair from the Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian. As we know, the girls from these countries have thick and strong hairs so that the hair will look shiny and thick.


You can also change hairstyles with u part wig to suit your daily outfit, such as pineapple style, high ponytail, top knot bun, and so on. Being a girl that leads the trend, you can also try something different on u part wig. Who knows what will be in vogue in the coming time.

If you want to try u part wig, SuperNova Wig will be a reliable human hair vendor that you can choose. U part wigs of all textures, along with natural black and ombre u part wig, are available on website. Love yourself, start from SuperNova Wig. 


What’s the U Part wig that people often talk about?

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Good day.
What the wigs are you wearing? It’s easy to do makeup? Baby hair is a big problem? Hard to bleach knots on the lace?
Then, I will introduce our new best sellers- U Part Wigs. No makeup, forget bleaching. Just the original and natural hairstyle.
1 What is a U Part Wig
There is a U-shaped opening on the top of the wig. The human hair U part wig can combine your natural hair. Help you to create a supernatural hairline. U Part wigs can thicken and lengthen your hair. Wearing it, people even think is your own hair.

2 U Part Wigs VS Lace Wigs, Which Hair Wig to Choose?
There is no lace on U Part Wigs. No glue, so it won’t damage your edges. But in order to make it more natural, Please choose a texture that is similar to your natural hair. 
Lace wigs will cover your original hair. When you choose Lace wigs, you don’t need to make it similar to your own hair. If your hair is frizzy, it’s hard to make it combine with the wigs perfectly. Lace wig is a good choice.

Products have pros and cons. It’s a nice choice that meets your needs.

3 How to wear U Part Wigs? 

Installing it is a huge challenge? No!

1 Confirm the U part area

Put it on your head,Confirm the area.Tie the hair of uncovered place up.

2 Install the U Part Wigs 

Attach the U Part Wig around the crown area by the clips coming with the wig, loose the crown hair, over the U Part Wig completely.

3 Adjustment
If you choose a texture that is different from your natural hair texture, you need to use irons to style them in order to match your hair wig texture with your natural looks.
By the way, there is a wonderful video for you to learn.

 4 How to wash U Part Wigs?

1 Avoid chemicals. 

Our wigs are 100% human hair. Chemical and coloring treatments can damage it.

2 Shampoo

Shampoo is fine to wash the wig. Choose the mild product to clean it. Wig shampoos and wig conditioners are necessities. Such as Dove Intensive Repair conditioner, L'Oreal Oil Infused Shampoo and so on. Choose a brand that you like.

5 Where to buy it?

Click SuperNova Wig.

Body Wave U Part Wigs

Curly U Part Wigs

Natural Black Straight U Part Wigs

Of course Supernova wig has a wide selection of parted wigs to choose from. At Supernova wig you'll find one of the best selections of wigs with parts available on the web. Try something new that make you feel fabulous and gorgeous. So, get to shopping on Supernova wig Now.


Machine made wigs -What do you know?

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Wigs can be made by machine or by hand. Machine made wig is a wig made by a machine,It is usually manufactured in batches.Buy Full machine wigs is very easy to wear and produced in a short period of time.Compared with other types of manufacturing processes, Machine made wigs require less labor and cost is lower, so the price is cheaper.If you are a student or an intern, you can choose Machine Made wigs.Hand tied wigs is made of hand-hook, it is high fidelity, good air permeability and comfortable to wear, but the price is relatively high, production speed is relatively slow.

Full machine wigs, which can be divided into human hair and synthetic hair according to materials, human hair are made of pure and processed human hair, human hair with high fidelity and easy to knot, it can be dyed or permed, so that it is easy to change hairstyles. Synthetic hair is made of chemical fiber. Although the price is cheap, the fidelity is poor, and the wearer feels itchy,it easily reacts with the scalp.

SuperNova Wig provides Machine made wigs with 100% human hair. We provide high quality and cheap Machine made wigs. SuperNovaWig Mall offers Machine Made wigs in a variety of hairstyles,Straight,body Wave,Deep wave and Water wave etc.Of course, we provide personalized service, you can customize your wig according to your needs, such as: size, color and style, etc.

About SuperNova Wig:
1. We guarantee to provide 100% human hair and the effect pictures are all real shots.
2.Our delivery speed is very fast. Under normal circumstances, you can receive the wigs within 3 to 5 working days.
3.Better after-sales service, you can enjoy 100% money back guarantee, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.We will try our best to help you,and you can be sure to buy our u part Wigs.
4.High quality of service.If you have any questions before purchasing, you can contact us at any time. We will smile at every customer and solve all your needs to give you a higher shopping experience.

To conclude, we offer better quality and cheap full machine wigs, which can provide you with personalized service. We have a good return and exchange policy, so you may feel free to purchase and come to choose your Machine made wigs quickly.

Do you know something about the Bob wigs?

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The Bob wig is a hairstyle that can be worn with any combination and can be worn well regardless of the shape of your face, If you want to change your hairstyle shortly, but you don't know what hairstyle to choose, the Bob is a good choice. Trust me, you will have a wonderful experience.

Over time, the Bob wigs have changed in length, thickness, style and color in a series of ways, each of which can give a new feel.From the beginning of the neat bang and short hair,The Bob wigs are the shaved shaxuan hair, based on the stage has added color and level, the overall style slightly from a button of hair with heavy neat bang, but now in long, even longer,It can be curly or straight, It can be straight bangs,slanted bangs or split in the middle,Of course, the Bob wigs can also be customized to meet your needs.

In color, the Short Bob wigs can be made in many colors, which is very fashionable and also has a feeling of massiness. Although it looks very heavy, it is very light to wear and has higher comfort.The Bob wigs has become more and more popular in recent years, if you like the Bob wigs, but in the salon,it need to care for several hours,if you often go to the salon to do,it will hurt our hair,so,many beauty lovers choose to buy wigs to do "instant" change.

Generation after generation of female stars and even male stars love and innovation of the Bob wigs, so that the Bob is always in the forefront of fashion.Walking down the street, you can see the Bob wigs everywhere, whether they are young friends or older friends, they are very fond of the Bob.

From a certain extent, Bob wig is a symbol of fashion, if you want to have a Bob wig, you can go to SuperNovaWig Mall, we have a lot of models of Bob wigs, we guarantee 100% human hair, the bob wigs comfort degree is higher.In addition,you can enjoy the high quality service, if you have questions and needs,you can contact us at any time, we have after-sales service guarantee, we will try our best to help you and give you a wonderful shopping experience, Don't wait,to SuperNovaWig Mall and choose your favorite bob wig.