Supernova Wig: Shop Now - The New Lace Part Wigs are Coming on 2021!

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Supernova wig official new lace part wig is coming. Its one of the best-sellers when we put it in our store. Even many beauty influences send messages to us, they want to try this new star.

1 What Is A Lace Part Wig

The lace shaped a T on the top of the wigs. When you wear them, you will see the natural parting area. The front lace is for you to adjust the hairline and create a natural junction. Most peoples choice is curly hair lace part wig.

2 Lace Part Wigs VS Lace Front Wigs

The main difference between them is the lace area. See this picture, its more intuitive.

We have made a clear parting area on the lace part wig. The baby hair is finished for you. And a natural hairline. Even no blench.

Lace front wigs more flexible. You can blench it, do medium part, side part and more hairstyles.

3 Wash Lace Part Wig Step by Step

Wash by water

Make sure the water to be lukewarm. Too hot water will damage the hair and dry it out. When you take lace wigs, you should make the water run down the hair so it doesnt tangle too much. Please keep the strands as neat as possible to avoid excess tangling.

Squeeze out water

Please start from the tips of the hair and scrunch it upward in the palm of your hand. Then fan out the lace part wigs from the top of it to be sure that thoroughly rinse out the hair from the inside to out. The water wave hair pattern would be natural.

Shampoo the hair

Choose a moisture retention shampoo you like. While take the water wave hair on the hair, go downward to apply the product in order to lather up the shampoo. Then scrunch it in your hand being sure to keep all of the strands as neat as possible. When you start to rinse out the hair, let the water run down it so that the water wave hair doesnt tangle.

Condition the hair

Girls, please be really generous when apply your conditioner.

Use your fingers to detangle the hair, then take a wide-tooth comb starting from the ends and work your way up towards the top of the bundle or wig.

To avoid build up product,be sure not to leave any product when you rinse out the conditioner.

Hair Dry

Get the wigs air dried. No brow dryer and heat after the first washing. It will help the new hair to absorb enough moisture and get even much softer. Human hair wig and weaves just like your own hair. Enough moisture without external force can revive it.

Above are some tips for new hair. If you want to learn care routine for installed human hair, please read the part two.

Part Two For Installed Human Hair Lace Part Wigs

Our girls are as beautiful as the summer flower in full bloom. But if we want this beauty last, please pay attention to how you sleep with it and the morning hair routine. Let me share with you my advice.

Braid it at Night

You want to the curl patterns last long time and avoid tangling? Braid the water wave hair at night! Then tie it down with a silk scarf or bonnet would be the double protection to the human hair. Because they protect hair from friction and help to retain moisture.

Morning hair routine

Detangle the hair

Unwind your braid and detangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb. Please take care to not brush or comb the hair too harshly. The 100%human hair just like your natural hair. If you take care of it like your own hair, extreme and unnecessary shedding can be prevented.

Wet the hair

You can use some moisture products or the liquor made of water and a bit of conditioner.

Rub it on the top and wrap all the hand together.

After a night, the human hair need some nutrition just people need to drink water after getting up.

Dry the hair

You can air dry it. But if youre hurry, you could choose to use brow dryer. In the hot summer, half dry would be better for water wave hair to keep the look you want.

4 Where To Buy Lace Part Wigs?

Of course SuperNova Wig.

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