Supernova Wig:Curly Human Hair Wig vs Body Wave Human Hair Wig

2020-December-08-Tue 10:47:28:AM  AUTHOR:supernova store

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I received some messages from our customers those days, they want to know the difference between curly human hair wig and body wave human hair wig. When they browse our store, they are hard to confirm which one is fit for them.

Curly human hair wig vs body wave human hair wig, how to choose? 

1. What is Curly Human Hair Wig?

Compared with body wave hair, There is a visible difference. The curls of the curly hair are tighter. And the texture is irregular. It looks full and thick.

When we made it, we use a thin tube to twine the hair. We just pick a small part of the hair every time. In order to make the curl small and exquisite. And its tighter. 

2.Key Features of Curly Human Hair Wigs

As I say, the curly hair wigs have tighter curls and irregular texture. If you like a fluffy hairstyle, please choose curly hair.

Curly hair can keep a long time. Because its natural and irregular, you can style it at will. 

3 .Top-recommended Curly Wigs Human Hair Products

The most popular product in the wig market is curly lace part wig . Its fit for women of all ages. And its suitable for any outfit. Wear a bohemian dress or wear jeans and a T-shirt, you can try different styles.

4. What is Body Wave Human Hair Wig?

Body wave wig is also curly hair, but they are different curls. Body wave wigs curls are bigger than curly hair wig. And the texture is regular.

When we made it, we use a thick tube to twine the hair. We will twine all the hair in one thick tube. Then we will get body wave wigs.

5. Key Features of Body Wave Wigs Human Hair

The body wave wigs are made with bigger curls. Its more gentle and mature. Its for an elegant and gentle style.

Its fluffy, but it looks thinner than curly hair. When you style it, please make sure all the hair in one direction, or it will be in a mess.

6 .Top-recommended Body Wave Human Hair Wigs Products

The best-seller of body wave wig is body wave u part wig. Its fit for most black women. Wear an elegant dress or wear a sweater with jeans, share your new hairstyle on the IG. Its a happy thing for you.