What’s the U Part wig that people often talk about?

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Good day.
What the wigs are you wearing? It’s easy to do makeup? Baby hair is a big problem? Hard to bleach knots on the lace?
Then, I will introduce our new best sellers- U Part Wigs. No makeup, forget bleaching. Just the original and natural hairstyle.
1 What is a U Part Wig
There is a U-shaped opening on the top of the wig. The human hair U part wig can combine your natural hair. Help you to create a supernatural hairline. U Part wigs can thicken and lengthen your hair. Wearing it, people even think is your own hair.

2 U Part Wigs VS Lace Wigs, Which Hair Wig to Choose?
There is no lace on U Part Wigs. No glue, so it won’t damage your edges. But in order to make it more natural, Please choose a texture that is similar to your natural hair. 
Lace wigs will cover your original hair. When you choose Lace wigs, you don’t need to make it similar to your own hair. If your hair is frizzy, it’s hard to make it combine with the wigs perfectly. Lace wig is a good choice.

Products have pros and cons. It’s a nice choice that meets your needs.

3 How to wear U Part Wigs? 

Installing it is a huge challenge? No!

1 Confirm the U part area

Put it on your head,Confirm the area.Tie the hair of uncovered place up.

2 Install the U Part Wigs 

Attach the U Part Wig around the crown area by the clips coming with the wig, loose the crown hair, over the U Part Wig completely.

3 Adjustment
If you choose a texture that is different from your natural hair texture, you need to use irons to style them in order to match your hair wig texture with your natural looks.
By the way, there is a wonderful video for you to learn.


 4 How to wash U Part Wigs?

1 Avoid chemicals. 

Our wigs are 100% human hair. Chemical and coloring treatments can damage it.

2 Shampoo

Shampoo is fine to wash the wig. Choose the mild product to clean it. Wig shampoos and wig conditioners are necessities. Such as Dove Intensive Repair conditioner, L'Oreal Oil Infused Shampoo and so on. Choose a brand that you like.

5 Where to buy it?

Click SuperNova Wig.

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