The Making Process Of Human Hair Machine Made Wigs

With the effect of idols, wearing human hair high quality wigs has gradually become a fashion. The reason why many women like wigs are very simple because it can make your hair long or short, straight and curly, and let you have your own imagination space and freely sprinkle the art of color. 

The Making Process Of Human Hair Machine Made Wigs

Even if this kind of fake art is not real, its simulation technology and effect are so lifelike that we have to praise it. Fake beauty can not only change people's external image, but also bring extraordinary freshness and stimulation.

Do you want to know the process of making a human hair high quality wig? Today's article will introduce the making process of machine made wigs.

1. Cutting Hair
Long human hair can not be directly used to make human hair wigs. It needs to be cut to the required length. This process is called cutting. 

The cut standard varies in length and can be made long and short, respectively. If the color of the finished wig is a mixed color, the real hair must be matched according to the drawing requirements. For example, 1B / 613 color is a combination of color 1 and color 613. Two colors must be down when cutting.

2. Finishing Hair
The newly cut hair is messy and needs to be combed. At the same time, some mixed color wigs need to be evenly divided through this process. The tool for finishing is a large steel comb.

3. Pound Hair
Each machine made wig has a specified weight. The workman needs to weigh according to the requirements of the drawing, and the weight directly affects the following process, so this process is very important.

4. Arrange Hair
The front is some necessary preparatory work, from this process to really contact the secret of making human hair wig.

Arrange hair is to make the real hair in a line. The hair that is just pounded in the hands of workman is connected by three hair arranging machines. The level of this technology directly affects the quality of hair arrangement, such as whether the wig is easy to fall off, this process plays a crucial role. 

5. Hair Cutting
The hair after hair arrangement is very long. The whole hair must be evenly divided into the required length, that is, cutting hair, and the length of each hair can not exceed the length of the drying rod. This process is relatively simple.

6. Washing Hair
Cut down hair needs to be washed to absorb nutrients.

7. Inserting Hair And Pressing Three Pits
After drying, the hair section should go through inserting hair and pressing three pits to make the most original shape. 

Inserting Hair: The main function is to increase the fluffy degree of human hair, which is generally concentrated in the bangs and the top of the head.

Pressing Three Pits: Its main function is not close to the human scalp, generally do in the back part of the head. 

High-quality cheap machine made wigs are full on the top of their heads. They are very stylized, rather than pointed and stick to the scalp. This is the credit of the two processes of inserting hair and pressing three pits. Generally, low-cost wig factories will omit these two processes to save production costs.

8. Curl Hair
According to the curvature of the human hair wig design, different sizes of tubes are used for curling.

9. Drying Hair
According to the requirements of the drawing, place a drying rod with appropriate curvature and put it into the oven, set it at a constant temperature of 88℃, and take it out after baking for 2 hours, and then unseal it. In this way, the hair is not easy to deform

After the curing process is finished, some of the raw materials are sent to the high lathe process, and the other part is put into the scalp making process.

Note: different materials, different seasons and weather will affect the temperature of the oven. Accurate temperature determination is difficult technical.

10. High Lathe 
Sew the dried wig piece on the wig cover. For high-quality machine made wigs, this process is more complex, and the requirements for technicians are quite high. A skilled workman can only make 30 to 40 wigs a day. The same workman can produce more than 100 wigs a day if they need low quality wigs. There is a significant difference in labor costs.

11. Scalp Making
The trigger holds the real hair and sews it on the scalp one by one through the scalp machine, and this process can be completed only by shaving, perming, dipping and cutting.
Scalp making is still complex, some factories in order to save costs, these small processes are not. The finished scalp is sewn on the wig cover, which is very realistic.

12. Hairnet Cap Making
Hairnet cap, good elasticity, more firm, more comfortable to wear

13. Bagging Wigs 
Pack and bag the completed machine made wigs.

Every machine made wig needs these steps to make. All machine made wigs of Supernova Hair are completed in strict accordance with these steps, and the quality is guaranteed. You can make the purchase at ease. 


What Bob wig can you choose for the summer?

Hot summer has arrived, you still dote on your long curly human hair wig? Long curly hair wig looks great, but it's not your best choice for summer. Because summer temperature is too high, long curly hair can block your neck, it will increase your hot feeling and cause discomfort.

You can opt for the most popular wigs in recent years: the bob wig, which keeps human hair wig away from your neck and shoulders and keep you cool in the heat of summer. Mid-length bob wig has become the new fashion trend. Of course, you can also opt for the classic Bob wig, which is a timeless classic!

If you don't know what kind of Bob to choose, Let me recommend some.

1. Short Bob Cut Wig
The short bob cut  wigs has always been particularly popular, because it's a versatile hairstyle that can be worn regardless of your face shape. This hairstyle is easy to take care of and doesn't require any special care from you. It is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain ,it saves you a lot of trouble!

2. Bob Blonde wig
Blondes are always sought after by beauty lovers, blonde hair makes you more attractive. But if you to dye your hair blonde, there's a huge price to pay. Your hair needs to be dyed with a lot of chemicals.Note that with every chemical dye you go through, your hair is damaged .by the time you get to the color you want, your hair is already fragile.
So go for a Blonde Bob wig that will help you avoid harm and instantly make you look gorgeous.

3. Customize Bob Wig
If you are a woman who pursues a unique personality, you can customize your own hairstyle according to your needs.With the freedom to choose the right size, length, curl and direction of the opening of your bangs, custom Bob wigs not only meet your needs, but also bring out your unique beauty.

To sum up, bob hair is more suitable for summer, I hope my recommendation can be helpful to you, wish you can find suitable for your Bob wig, do a unique own!

Are U Part Wigs Good for Your Hair?

Are u part wigs good? The answer is yes. After that, the discrepancy between this type wig and others is what? 

Human hair wigs have many species, like bob wigs, fake scalp wigs and u part wigs. But I think u part wigs are the first water for women. At the meantime, I think that women prefer to this type. The wig has a wonderful reputation from whom have bought one.

The u part wigs have three sides on advantage.

1.U part wigs are the 100% unprocessed human hair just like the virgin hair. So they are more soft than other wigs. On the based of this, when you touch it, you can feel it’s ductile and more natural.
2.It can adjust its clips and straps on the back properly according to the size of your head. Then you can start the regular installation steps .So I guess it is very convenient for the wig’s owner.
3.It also has a special shape-u, which can expose the front hair, your front hair. Therefore, you can mix the exposed hair to make the hairline look more natural.

4.The last merit of it is that it has a great many of u shaped size,like 2*4 inch, 1*4 inch, 1.5*4 inch. And the direction of the opening has middle part, left part, left part and the right part. For you, you have plenty of choices.

But there are also some issues that you should pay attention to:

1.U part wig is open at the top of your hair, so your own hair in there should not sparse, and the same with your hairline.
2.The color of the u part wig shoulder better match with your real hair. This is not too abrupt.For example, if your want to wear a bonde u part wig, you’d better not let the color of your natural hair too deep.
3. Whatever your own hair or wig ,both them need nutrition. When you feel the hair is very dry, you can spray some hair oil.

Are you tired of wasting money on human hair? The advantage of wigs is it has kinds of colors and lengths. You can wear what you want. 

The u part wigs are good for your hair. So after my introduction, do you have a clear thinking about what kind of u part wigs you like? 

Machine made wigs -What do you know?

Wigs can be made by machine or by hand. Machine made wig is a wig made by a machine,It is usually manufactured in batches.Buy Full machine wigs is very easy to wear and produced in a short period of time.Compared with other types of manufacturing processes, Machine made wigs require less labor and cost is lower, so the price is cheaper.If you are a student or an intern, you can choose Machine Made wigs.Hand tied wigs is made of hand-hook, it is high fidelity, good air permeability and comfortable to wear, but the price is relatively high, production speed is relatively slow.

Full machine wigs, which can be divided into human hair and synthetic hair according to materials, human hair are made of pure and processed human hair, human hair with high fidelity and easy to knot, it can be dyed or permed, so that it is easy to change hairstyles. Synthetic hair is made of chemical fiber. Although the price is cheap, the fidelity is poor, and the wearer feels itchy,it easily reacts with the scalp.

SuperNova Wig provides Machine made wigs with 100% human hair. We provide high quality and cheap Machine made wigs. SuperNovaWig Mall offers Machine Made wigs in a variety of hairstyles,Straight,body Wave,Deep wave and Water wave etc.Of course, we provide personalized service, you can customize your wig according to your needs, such as: size, color and style, etc.

About SuperNova Wig:
1. We guarantee to provide 100% human hair and the effect pictures are all real shots.
2.Our delivery speed is very fast. Under normal circumstances, you can receive the wigs within 3 to 5 working days.
3.Better after-sales service, you can enjoy 100% money back guarantee, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.We will try our best to help you,and you can be sure to buy our u part Wigs.
4.High quality of service.If you have any questions before purchasing, you can contact us at any time. We will smile at every customer and solve all your needs to give you a higher shopping experience.

To conclude, we offer better quality and cheap full machine wigs, which can provide you with personalized service. We have a good return and exchange policy, so you may feel free to purchase and come to choose your Machine made wigs quickly.

Do you know something about the Bob wigs?

The Bob wig is a hairstyle that can be worn with any combination and can be worn well regardless of the shape of your face, If you want to change your hairstyle shortly, but you don't know what hairstyle to choose, the Bob is a good choice. Trust me, you will have a wonderful experience.

Over time, the Bob wigs have changed in length, thickness, style and color in a series of ways, each of which can give a new feel.From the beginning of the neat bang and short hair,The Bob wigs are the shaved shaxuan hair, based on the stage has added color and level, the overall style slightly from a button of hair with heavy neat bang, but now in long, even longer,It can be curly or straight, It can be straight bangs,slanted bangs or split in the middle,Of course, the Bob wigs can also be customized to meet your needs.

In color, the Short Bob wigs can be made in many colors, which is very fashionable and also has a feeling of massiness. Although it looks very heavy, it is very light to wear and has higher comfort.The Bob wigs has become more and more popular in recent years, if you like the Bob wigs, but in the salon,it need to care for several hours,if you often go to the salon to do,it will hurt our hair,so,many beauty lovers choose to buy wigs to do "instant" change.

Generation after generation of female stars and even male stars love and innovation of the Bob wigs, so that the Bob is always in the forefront of fashion.Walking down the street, you can see the Bob wigs everywhere, whether they are young friends or older friends, they are very fond of the Bob.

From a certain extent, Bob wig is a symbol of fashion, if you want to have a Bob wig, you can go to SuperNovaWig Mall, we have a lot of models of Bob wigs, we guarantee 100% human hair, the bob wigs comfort degree is higher.In addition,you can enjoy the high quality service, if you have questions and needs,you can contact us at any time, we have after-sales service guarantee, we will try our best to help you and give you a wonderful shopping experience, Don't wait,to SuperNovaWig Mall and choose your favorite bob wig.

What is U Part wigs?

U Part wigs is 100 % human hair wig that can be kept natural and true.U Part wigs is an invisible half-wig and sewn on a u part cap with clips and adjustable straps on the back, Because the U-wig has a special u-shaped opening at the top of the hair, so it will expose your hair ,you can mix the exposed hair to make the hairline look more natural. It is easier to wear than Other wig, faster, and it looks thicker.

U part wig has soft touch, when you touch it, it feels as soft as your own hair.You can design your own u part wig to suit your needs. For example, you can design the U-shape and different opening directions, middle, left or right.U part wigs has a variety of hairstyles and colors, you can choose the u part wig you want.

There are a few things you should be aware of when wearing a u part wig :
1. If you want to wear a u part wig, you should have a lot of hair on top, not a little.
2. Your hair should be over 11 inches.

3. The color should match the background color of your hair

What can we offer you at SuperNova Wig?

1. We have high quality and low price u part wigs, there are various types of u part wigs, here you can choose the best quality and the best wig for you.
2. Our delivery speed is very fast.Normally, you can receive the wigs within 3- 5 working days.
3. Better after-sales service, you can enjoy 100% money back guarantee, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.We will try our best to help you, and you can be sure to buy our u part wig.
4. High quality of service.If you have any questions before purchasing, you can contact us at any time. We will smile at every customer and meet all your needs to give you a higher shopping experience.
5. We guarantee that our u part wig is 100% human hair and has no smell. We can pack it in a gift box ,you can use it yourself. It is also a good choice to send it to friends or family.

What kind of human hair wigs would suit you?

If your hair is frizzy and dull, human hair wig is a good choice.Choosing the right wig will make you more beautiful and confident. If you choose a wig that doesn't fit you, not only it not add to your beauty, but also it will make you embarrassed.Don't worry, I'll share you how to choose the right wig for you.

Choosing the right wig depends on two things, the color and size of the human hair wigs .

1.Choose a human hair wig that based on your skin tone
(1)Partial white skin color
Although slant white skin color is natural beauty, but if the color choice of wig is wrong, can let you look very unhealthy.light brown red, light coffee such as slant red and very soft color,it can let your face rosy and have life
(2)Yellow color of skin
Color of skin slants yellow can choose the darker color such as natural black and light coffee,it can make slant yellow skin appears white and clear a lot.Do not choose yellow hair wig color, it will make the already ugly skin more ugly
(3)Natural skin color
This kind of skin is best, look healthy and have burnish, the room that chooses hair color is big ,like yellow, brown red, wine red, deep purple, deep coffee is very appropriate
(4)A dark complexion
Skin pigmentation is serious, it can make the color of skin looks lackluster. You can choose a few natural black, deep orange color,it can make facial expression bright rise.
2. Choose the right wig size
First, you need to know the size of human hair wigs need to wear.If you don't know the size of your wig, just use a soft tape measure.Using a ruler to measure the circumference of your head, starting at the nape of your neck and ending at the hairline.
Once you know the size of your head, you can determine the size of your wig.Wigs are generally divided into small, general and large size, the size of each wig brand will be different, it may be a small size of a wig brand, but the medium size of another brand.the size of SuperNova are standard, you can rest assured to buy.

3. Check if human hair wigs fit
When you buy a wig, how do you know if your wig is the right size for you?

You need to try it on first, when you put it on, if it slides back to show your scalp or hairline, it's too small.if you feel it tight, it's going to squeeze your temples or it's going to squeeze into your hair, it's obviously too small.If the wig slides when you move your head, your wig is too big ,you need a smaller size.

4.Adjust wig straps
If you have any of these problems, you may need to adjust your wig.You can adjust the wig by using the band on the wig. If your wig is only slightly loose, you can tighten your band. However, it only solves small problems.
If you still can't meet your needs by adjusting the straps, you may need to change the size.

The size of wigs provided by SuperNova are standard,our pictures were taken for real.When you buy human hair wigs,if you have any questions can contact us,you can find suitable for your wig.We have a after-sales service policy. If your wig size is not appropriate, we will provide return and replacement service without affecting its use.Trust me, buy it, you can find your best wig on SuperNova Wig.
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